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Learn Welsh Podcast

The Learn Welsh Podcast helps you to Learn the Welsh language and become a fluent Welsh Speaker.

Welcome to the Learn Welsh Podcast Blog

Jan 13, 2008

Sut mae pawb. Croeso i'r Blog Podcast Dysgu Cymraeg (Hello everybody. Welcome to the Learn Welsh Podcast Blog).

There are lots of language Podcasts available these days. I've counted at least a dozen French Podcasts, half a dozen or more Spanish Podcasts and at least one of each of the following languages. German, Polish, Thai, Armenian, Korean, Irish, Italian, Chinese and Japanese. I think it's great that so many people want to share their passion for learning languages. Looking at the Podcast top ten on sites like Libsyn and Podcast Alley many people are downloading the more popular languages.

With all the choice of languages available I was surprised to not be able to find any Podcasts to help people learn Welsh. There are lots of web sites dedicated to the language, but no Podcasts, as far as I can see anyway. Well there is now. I'm calling it the Learn Welsh Podcast, for obvious reasons :) and i'm hoping to post an episode every week on this very Blog page and hopefully in iTunes, Podcast alley etc...

The Learn Welsh Podcast is designed to teach you conversational Welsh that will enable you to understand other Welsh speakers and to be understood yourself. Each Podcast episode will last about fifteen minutes. In that time I will be teaching you some basic words and phrases that you can use in an everyday conversation. At the end of each Podcast will be a practice exercise to help you remember the vocabulary and to get you used to speaking the language.

The first Podcast episode should be available on this site in the next few days. Please feel free to send me your comments about the first episode once it airs, so to speak. I want to know if you find the format and style of teaching Welsh to be effective and useful for you.

My email address is: